Leanne hit the ground running quickly establishing good working relationships with the inclusion team. She has got through the backlog of assessments and completed reports for statutory assessment. Her reports are thorough and clear, setting achievable and realistic targets for children.

Leanne is a delight to work with, full of enthusiasm and energy.  She is extremely hardworking and organised.  I always feel that one of the best decisions made was to employ Leanne.

This year, Leanne has continued to work directly with children with significant language and communication needs in partnership with the teachers and teaching assistants.  A number of assessments and reports were completed and these have been useful in seeking EHC Plans and in setting targets for children.

Staff reported how useful they found the ‘Word Aware’ training; this was good professional development.  The Year 6 teacher reported that the impact of Leanne’s work had transferred across to a child’s writing.  We have now begun to plan for next year – caseload and ‘Word Aware’ as a whole school initiative.

Leanne Williams worked in our school for 1 term. She has made a massive impact on the children she worked with and gave lots of resources and ideas to the staff working with the children to ensure ongoing progress. She is a very committed person and a pleasure to work with.


We approached Leanne back in March 2016 because my son had mild speech delay and we have worked together until July 2016, with sessions every week. We loved working with Leanne from the start. My son clicked with her right from the beginning which was great, because he was able to listen to her very well and follow her instructions etc. I also liked the fact that she was always sitting and talking at his level (which was always on the carpet) and I think this made it more fun for him. Because of this great connection that they had, Aiden was able to improve quickly and we could see that he was making progress every week. When we started the sessions with Leanne, he was only able to put 3 words together, now at the end of the therapy (and after he had the summer holidays for all the information to be absorbed), he makes very long sentences and he is now a big chatter box! Thank you, Leanne, for everything, we could not have done it without you!

I contacted Leanne as we had concerns about our 2.5yo speech development. We had already ruled out any hearing issues through various tests, so needed some advice on why our daughter was having difficulty forming coherent basic sentences. Leanne visited us to assess our daughter and diagnosed her with a moderate language delay. Over the following month, we met Leanne weekly and she helped us understand how we could support our daughter and develop her speech. I’m delighted to see such an improvement, using the techniques and tools Leanne showed us. Our daughter is enjoying expanding her speech and I am so happy to see her less frustrated as she can now express herself more easily. We plan to follow up with further check in sessions over the coming months, so that we can continue to monitor and support her speech if still required. Leanne has a wonderful approach and immediately put us and our daughter at ease. The sessions were fun for our daughter and informative for us. She’s helped us enormously and I would thoroughly recommend Leanne.

Leanne was able to build a rapport with a child with significant Emotional Behavioural Difficulties quickly and efficiently. She took the time to find out his specific and preferred interests in order to help him access SLT assessment and activities, which he did so successfully.

During the 3 years I have worked with Leanne, in her capacity as the speech and language therapist based in school, I have only ever been highly impressed with her professionalism, expertise and dedication to the children with whom she works. Leanne’s extensive experience and broad knowledge base ensure that she is able to identify the communication needs of individual children and the necessary provision to enable them to make progress, in the form of direct therapy or advice and guidance for school or for home. Leanne is very responsive and adapts her approach to develop a successful rapport with children, always calm, patient and kind. I have observed really significant progress in children with a range of needs including speech delay, selective mutism, Down Syndrome and autism.

It has only ever been a genuine pleasure to work with Leanne and I would have no hesitation in recommending her, she is an exceptionally dedicated professional and an incredible asset to her field’.
Jill Dougan
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator
(SENCO) Rokesly Infant School

Leanne has worked with both our children, age 8 and 5. She has provided us with therapy for their lisps. She has helped us understand how best to help them and how they can help themselves. She has a natural gift with children and it’s always a pleasure to see her. It is great having the therapy in our home, so that she works within their environment and with the whole family’. Annie and Luke, Parents Hackney

We contacted Leanne when our son Jack turned two years old.  He had a limited and indistinct vocabulary and had not added any new words in the previous three months, possibly due to undiagnosed glue ear.   We suspected nothing serious was wrong, but we knew he was speech-delayed and didn’t want to be complacent. Leanne visited us at home to make an assessment.  She has a lovely way with toddlers – and with parents, I might add!  She took our concerns seriously but also sought to reassure us.  After observing Jack, Leanne gave us simple but highly effective advice for helping him.  She explained the basics of speech development to us, and how our previous efforts may have been backfiring.  I personally found this reasoned and simple approach very useful.  We were left with a clear strategy for helping Jack that we could quickly and easily explain to the other adults in his life. We know speech development takes time, but Jack’s progress since Leanne’s visit has been delightful for us.   Leanne did not try to push more sessions on us, but we ourselves chose to follow up six months later for an update.  We consider both sessions to be money well spent. Best wishes, Amber

We found Leanne’s details on her website and contacted her regarding our Son’s delayed speech. Leanne started working with our son a couple of weeks later and when she started Nyle’s range of words and sounds was limited.

Over 11 sessions, Nyle’s speech / sounds have seen a big improvement and he is able to express himself more clearly than before! – He enjoyed his weekly sessions and we could see the changes in him day by day.

Leanne’s patience, guidance and encouragement has also helped us to support him in-between sessions, especially her advice on what to work on before the next session – with her sessions and guidance, Nyle is on track to make big improvements!

We can thoroughly recommend Leanne!

I was looking for a speech therapist and by luck found this amazing lady, who helped my 3 year old son, who was not able to say a whole sentence, he was even struggling saying words. The nursery was not taking it seriously, telling me he has some behaviour issues. I knew it must be related, he was not able to talk. So Leanne came, and when I first saw her and felt her kindness and professionalism I knew I found the right person for Oliver (we are Hungarians so Olly is bilingual, making things more difficult for her/Olly and us as well).

After our first assessment she confirmed what I thought that he has serious speech delay/concentration issues. Her patience and knowledge how to handle Olly’s behaviour problems amazed me from day one. We went through a lot of different therapies. First she taught parent child interaction, in the beginning it would be vital that we use this therapy. She even told us Olly needs some weeks of break to put together all the information in his brain, and I had to carry on the PCI, which is not really easy, but with the help of Leanne we managed to do it and Olly started to develop. The next stage was the colourful semantics and Makaton, and Olly started to make his first sentences.

We were super happy about his development. Later came the shape coding therapy what really helped with Olly’s grammar. By the time Olly started reception his vocabulary was within the normal range. Leanne helped Olly with phonics, as he was struggling (quite common in kids with speech delay) Olly enjoyed the sessions with Leanne, he really built up a special bond with her. We can’t be thankful enough for Leanne for all the help with Olly learning to speak and being part of this tough road. She just did a wonderful job with him, we will miss her a lot.

To whom it may concern

Leanne Williams worked for our trust for a year, from 1st September 2019, as an
independent Speech and Language Therapist, 2 days a week. During this time, she has
always been very professional and was always punctual, efficient and very organised .

Her role mainly involved screening pupils in the Early Years, to identify possible
language delays: creating a program of intervention for these pupils: training and
monitoring staff t o deliver these sessions: supporting the language development of
pupils with ASD; and direct therapy work with pupils with some pupils.

Leanne worked well as part of the SEN team, including the SENCo, SEN teacher, class
teachers, teaching assistants and external agencies. She provided fantastic t raining
for our staff, on her own and in collaboration with our Autism support agency.

Leanne has a lovely manner with the children and they always felt comfortable working
and chatting with her. She also has a fantastic relationship with the parents that was
both supportive, sensitive and direct enough to give and get the information that was

Leanne’s reports were incredibly thorough and useful. We relied heavily on them when
informing provision, setting targets and to support further referrals and funding /
EHCP applications. Her record keeping was impeccable and she kept us informed of all
the input she was providing and the progress of pupils. She always strictly adhered to

During the Covidl9 lockdown, Leanne’s input was crucial to provide support to parents
and pupils on her caseload while they were home-schooled . The parents were very
appreciative of her support. She was able to contact them weekly, discuss any
concerns, give suggestions and resources and even did some video call sessions with

We are very sad to see her go and wish her all the best for the future!

Celeste Richardson – SENCo at Britannia Education Trust